Durable, long lasting polyester voile custom sized BIAB Bags last many batches! Many reports of over 100 batches and still going strong. 

Top Quality BIAB Bags at reasonable prices. Polyester voile BIAB bags are custom sized for your kettle, keggle, or cooler mash tun.  Bags are triple stitched with polyester thread, are very strong and are capable of lifting the largest of grain bills easily,  yet also permit nice runoff of the brewing wort.  Bags come with strong (200 lb break) nylon cord drawstring, with cord lock pull to cinch bag over and around kettle top rim, keeping the bag secure to the kettle for easy mashing.

Only $5 flat rate combined shipping to US, (International $10 additional) 

Bags only $22, additional bags only $18 and ship free.

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wilserbrewer "Grand Slam" 4 piece package deal, includes BIAB Bag, Hop Boil Bag, Dry Hop Sock, and ratchet pulley, only $32 plus $5 USA shipping, Please include note to seller on Paypal w/ kettle width and height.

Grand Slam 4 piece package, $32 plus $5 shipping.

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BIAB Polyester Voile Strength, click here 


Bags are priced  reasonably at $22, plus $5 shipping and handling in the USA, $10 additional ($15) shipping to Canada - Europe - International .  

Combined flat rate on any quantity to USA only $5, International $15

Please be sure to include kettle height and outer diameter, or just indicate keggle with your payment during checkout as "note to seller" to assure a nice fit.  We ship quick, most orders shipped within 24-48 hours.

24 Gallon BIAB bag

Grand Slam BIAB value package, includes BIAB Bag, hop boil bag, dry hop sock, and a ratchet pulley.

All BIAB Bags, Hop Socks, and Hop Bags hand made in the USA!

145 gallon BIAB bag

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Grand Slam 4 piece package

Best value only $32 plus $5 shipping

(international shipping $15)

Draw string cord-lock for securing bag around the outside top rim of the kettle,

a very useful feature making BIAB that much simpler.

HOP Bags

Hop bags for use with Hop-Spiders, also bag can be simply clipped to the side of the kettle with a clothes  pin or binder clip.  Typical size is 10"W X 26"L.  Polyester voile material.   Now available for separate purchase.  Scroll to bottom of the page.


The handy solution to dry hopping either in a keg or fermenter. Bags are roomy, approximately 5" X 25", constructed w/ durable polyester voile material.  Simply fill w/ hops, knot closed and toss in for that West Coast bold hop aroma.  Two bags for $7, plus $4 shipping.

Rope Ratchet Pulleys


BIAB 1/8" Poly Cord Rope Ratchet Pulley now available from wilserbrewer.  Pulleys are rated to 75 lbs and have a ratchet mechanism to keep the bag suspended above the kettle without holding onto the business end of the hoisting rope.  A very handy, convenient solution to grain hoisting issues.  Simply let the bag hang and drain, no more squeezing hot grain bags.   I have used these pulleys for grain bills over 35 lbs with success!  Highly recommended!  

Ratchet pulley attachment details

Suggested lifting with pulley attached at load, this positions the ratchet release within reach.

Larger 150 lb capacity ratchet pulley available as a Grand Slam package upgrade, only $8 additional.

BIAB Bags, ratchet pulleys, and hop bags available, choose from several available options and packages below.  Shipping to Canada / Europe / International, $10 additional ($14 total), please contact for payment details, or pay excess shipping to paypal address shown during checkout)

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Please provide kettle outside diameter and height, or indicate keggle as "note to seller" during paypal checkout.


Email kettle dimensions to wilserbrewer before or after purchase

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wilserbrewer "Grand Slam" 

Grand Slam 4 piece package deal includes a custom size BIAB Bag, Hop Boil Bag, Dry Hop Sock, and our standard 1/8",  75 lb ratchet pulley, only $32 plus $5 USA shipping, Please include note to seller on Paypal w/ kettle width and height, or indicate keggle.

Grand Slam 4 piece package, $32 plus $5 shipping,

"Grand Slam" - 1/4  Pulley Upgrade

Grand Slam 4 piece package deal as shown above  w/ heavy duty 150 lb capacity ratchet pulley, only $40 plus $5 USA shipping, This larger pulley pairs well with 15 - 30 gallon kettles, or for those that prefer "heavier" equipment.  Please include note to seller on Paypal w/ kettle width and height, or indicate keggle.

Grand Slam w/ 1/4" upgrade, $40 plus $5 shipping,

BIAB BAG ONLY, $22 plus $5 USA shipping, Please include note to seller on Paypal w/ kettle width and height, or indicate keggle.

BIAB BAG, $22 plus $5 shipping

Additional Bags Ship Free only $18

ADD a BIAB bag w/ any bag purchase only $18, free shipping on additional bags.  Bags may be different sizes.

Two (2) HOP BAGS, $9 plus $3 shipping
Two (2) DRY HOP SOCKS, $8 plus $3 shipping

BIAB Bag for chest coolers up to 70 qt. $28 plus $5 shipping.

Please provide exterior length and width, and interior depth

with your order.

NEW Product - Deluxe Hop Bags with drawstring closure

One large bag for kettle boiling hops approx 12"W X 24"H

One smaller bag for dry hopping approx. 6"W X 24" H

Drawstring closure for closing bag and hanging in kettle of fermenter.

Introductory pricing $9 plus $3 shipping

USPS Priority Mail  (upgrade from USPS 1st class) $5 additional

Will guarantee next day shipping if your order is placed by 7 pm EST.  

USPS Expected delivery 1-3 days

International Shipping $10 additional