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Please email kettle outside diameter and height, or indicate keggle to wilserbrewer at the link below: 

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Wilserbrewer BIAB "Grand Slam" Package w/ 1/8" Pulley

Grand Slam 4 piece package deal includes a custom size BIAB Bag, Hop Boil Bag, Dry Hop Sock, and our standard 1/8",  75 lb ratchet pulley, only $32 plus $5 USA shipping.

Please note: The standard 1/8" pulley while quite capable is an economy option that pairs well with smaller 8 - 10 gallon kettles.  For larger kettles, or for those that prefer more substantial equipment we highly recommend the 1/4" pulley Grand Slam Package below.  While slightly more expensive, we feel the incremental cost is justified.

Please email  kettle outside width and height after purchase , or indicate keggle.

Grand Slam 4 piece package w/ 18" pulley, $32 plus $5 shipping, 

Grand Slam 4 piece package w/ 1/8"  double pulley, $35 plus $5 shipping,
 A double acting pulley makes bag hoisting more pleasurable :) wilserbrewer recommended

See below for heavier 1/4" pulley options, "BEST"


"Grand Slam" 4 Piece BIAB Package with 1/4"  Pulley 

Grand Slam Package includes custom size BIAB bag, hop bag and hop sock, plus a heavy 150 lb capacity ratchet pulley, only $40 plus $5 USA shipping, This larger pulley pairs well with kettles over 10 gallons or for those that prefer "heavier" more substantial equipment.  Please email kettle outside width and height, or indicate keggle after purhase.  

Grand Slam 4 piece package w/ 1/4" Pulley Upgrade, $40 plus $5 shipping,


Grand Slam  w/ 1/4" DOUBLE Pulley Upgrade, $43 plus $5 shipping 
"BEST"  A double acting pulley makes bag hoisting more pleasurable :) wilserbrewer recomended

BIAB Bag only

Custom sized

BIAB bag.  Please provide 

kettle height and outer diameter

as note to seller on paypal check out.

$22 plus $5 shipping


Additional Bags only $18 w/ Free Shipping


Please be sure to specify

kettle height and diameter as note to seller on paypal.

$18 w/ free shipping


Dry Hop Socks (2)

Two Dry Hop Socks (qty 2)

Approx. 5" X 24 ",  dry hop
in fermenters or kegs, simply fill with 
hops and knot closed.  

Only $8 plus $3 shipping.

Hop Bags (2)

Two Hop Boil Bags (qty 2)

Approx. 10" X 26".

Use w/ hop spiders or

simply clip to the kettle rim.  

Polyester voile material filters well

and is easy to clean.  Far superior to

paint strainer bags.  

$9 plus $3 shipping

BIAB Bag for chest coolers


$28 plus $5 shipping.  Please include exterior length and width, and interior depth with payment.

NEW Product - Deluxe Hop Bags with drawstring closure

One large bag for kettle boiling hops approx 12"W X 24"H

One smaller bag for dry hopping approx. 6"W X 24" H

Drawstring closure for closing bag and hanging in kettle of fermenter.

Introductory pricing $9 plus $3 shipping

USPS Priority Mail 

(upgrade from USPS 1st class) $5 additional

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